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Learn Differential Equations with Maity and Ghosh's Book

the default content is rendered using the simplepageradapter(pager, class) constructor. usage public class differentialequationmaityghoshpdf extends simplepageradapter public differentialequationmaityghoshpdf(context context, class type) super(context, new pager(context, new differentialequationmaityghoshpdf[], type)); implementation the contents of the simplepageradapter are rendered using the given pager and the given class. the pager is used to build the ui elements. the class is used to render the contents.


this package provides the differentialequationmaityghoshpdf class to solve differential equations as described in: s. k. maity and s. d. ghosh. differential equations: an advanced treatise. imperial college press, london, 2000. the differentialequationmaityghoshpdf class uses a finite difference method and also allows you to add additional points to the right hand side. function documentation def setkeywords(self, keys): self.keywords = keys def getkeywords(): self.keywords # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # setup the test environment # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ from fieldsfield import models import test.test_fields import


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