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The Benefits of Using Magix Music Maker Soundpool Collection for Your Music Projects

The best way is to use the comprehensive music program Music Maker. The basic version of the software is free and can be used indefinitely. Music Maker Free offers everything you need to record and edit songs in post production, as well as pre-produced samples that you can simply drag & drop to create accompaniment for your vocal recordings, for example. Furthermore, Music Maker offers software instruments that can be played like keyboard instruments using a MIDI keyboard or your computer keyboard, as well as a collection of professional effects. And if you would like more functionality, Music Maker can be expanded modularly, up to a fully equipped, professional recording studio.

Magix Music Maker Soundpool Collection setup free

So, apparently, the free soundpools included with the Magix Music Maker MX can't be used for commercial money making use as part of another unique, created film, etc.. I called Magix and they told me on the phone that one would have to buy the Catooh Sound pools labeled "Audio Pro Unlimited" to use the sounds commercially and go by their license terms. The Catooh DVD Collection 17 & 18 are $200 and the older DVD versions are all $40 each. The Music Maker MX collection is $25 and the MX Premium collection is $40.

In addition to the "Concert Grand", the free version of our music maker program currently offers two other instruments to choose from: "Revolta" and "Vita LE". Revolta is a classic synthesizer with many settings for typical synth sounds, while Vita LE offers acoustic drums.


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