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The Ultimate Guide to Payday 2 Render Settings for Maximum Performance and Quality

I know that ever since Payday 2 released v1.4.0, I never had an FPS issue whatsoever on any of my GPUs (save for maybe the 930 GTX). However my other friend who had a GTX970 has had plenty of FPS issues, on all the various settings. So I know that from a technical standpoint, the issues you are having are likely to be the driver rather than the game itself, but then again he runs on Windows 7, so you never know.

Payday 2 Render Settings

Hi, is there any way to change the custom controller settings, including the gamepad settings in game? I'd like to change some of the gamepad controls as I do not want to have the button labels on the gamepad jumbled up. I have the.xinput file for my gamepad with the labels changed to what I'd like. I'd like to be able to just change these to what I'd like since the gamepad buttons don't match up to the actual buttons on my gamepad.

Prevent building the map, you will see that the game run smooth even with a empty map. By click on the "Clear Map" button you will see how rendering works. For each object in the world, game can build a tree of lights. The number of lights and their intensity can be configured by user through the programmable properties of lights. For each light, we have the main light and the secondary lights. If we have two lights without a shadow mapping, the light masking would be "more unified" than single-photon mapping. The result should be the same as a single-photon lighting (CUBE or PLANE projection, you decide), but map. The advantage of dual-photon mapping is that we have less shadowing artifacts (more uniform projection). This configuration is available on Windows, only. With Linux/MacOS it is necessary to spawn a secondary thread when the director start-up. For example, we can use Tcl/Tk to spawn a secondary process with a thread. Tk is great for rendering such special configuration that you need to do a lot of testing.


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