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RPG Crotch RPG That Life The Rural Survival RPG _VERIFIED_

My friend and I have a term called "psycho". Psycho is when someone or something is being incredibly perverted in extremely specific and outrageous ways. I love this concept of psycho and I constantly scourge the net for psychotic content. This can be absurd story based hentai like La Blue Girl, to all sorts of crazy eroge that could involve anything from girls birthing out maggots to action games where girls get vored by mascot costumes. If there is some highly specific eroge that goes against all human decency and reason, the kind of stuff that would make a sex therapist commit suicide, then I want to play it and see just how weird it can get. Country Life Survival RPG making ends meet, a game made by a developer who literally goes by the name of "crotch", might just be one of the best, if not the best, psycho games on the market. Also just as a warning, this is an adult game with some truly stomach turning content, you've been warned.Story & GameplayOur story follows the life of the rich university student, Enjoji Naoko, and her trusty maid (and only real friend), Charlotte. For Enjoji's final university exam she must not only live in, but also thrive in, harsh conditions where none of her privileges matter. While other students were traveling to far flung places of the world, Charlotte has the less exciting idea of having Enjoji live at her old family home out in the countryside. They pack their bags and take the million hour train ride to the deep mountainous countryside of Japan. In order for Enjoji to pass her exam and graduate university she must thrive and survive as she hustles up enough money for a train ticket back home. This is a very straightforward and very fun concept for a game. It also works perfectly for this game's genre, a survival RPG eroge. Yes, you read that right, this game combines the elements of survival, RPGs, and eroge, all into one package, and somehow does it seamlessly. Your biggest focus in this game is going to be just keeping Enjoji alive. You start off with zero money or supplies and seriously have to live off of the land. But how is a girl with no rural experience meant to do this? Surely there are animals she can hunt, and there most definitely are, but being a girl fresh off her throne this isn't really a choice. You start your days hunting down literal bugs and picking weeds to eat. Much of your water comes from contaminated wells or the bathroom sink, its a tough way to live, but you gotta do what you gotta do. But it wont always be this way as this game does a very good job at evolving and developing overtime as you play it, with the survival being the hardest at the beginning, then once you're in a better standing you're ready to explore more of the world; but first, there is still much more to be said about the survival elements. Basically, just like in The Sims, Enjoji has various stats that are going to constantly be going into needs. Just having the clock tick is going to make her gradually get hungry and thirsty, and these needs must be met. This game is pretty hardcore, eating any food, even actual animal meat you hunted, wont fill this up a lot, you'll generally have to eat several items to get full, and many bugs and weeds if that's all you have. I will talk more about hunting later on, but the hunting is a lot of work for only a little bit of meat that you then have to cook. The cooking process takes awhile as its one by one, there is sadly no way to just mass cook everything in one go. The easiest meat to get are fish as they're right behind your house (your central hub) and don't require fighting. Fish are easy to obtain and are much better than any bug or weed, but you need a lot of them to get full. In addition to this, the hunger level drains quite fast, you're constantly in need of food in this. This might sound difficult and annoying but this is a survival game, making sure you're in stock of food and living off the land is part of the fun here and is one of the major selling points of the game. You can also purchase pre-made food and eat at a burger restaurant, both of which are quite useful. The water is a similar situation but not quite as bad considering that bottled water is cheap and there are wells everywhere that you'll make great use of early on. But, if you paid attention in physics or whatever, matter never really goes away, all of this food and water needs to go somewhere, and I hope you're catching my drift here. Basically, Enjoji also has two meters for the bathroom, pee and poop respectively, and well, when its time to go, its time to go. You might think it will just be like The Sims, where they handle it in some inoffensive manner, well, not here! Whenever Enjoji uses the bathroom you get an extremely graphic h-scene showing her defecate/urinate, complete with sound effects. Now is a good time to say it, this is an eroge with the central themes of scatology, urination, and omorashi; you see why its psycho now?Basically, the consumption of anything is going to increase her needs to use the bathroom. Eat a larger meal and its going to affect it even more. Eat a huge meal while she already needs to go and she'll likely have a rather graphic accident. Its important to manage her bathroom needs with sustenance needs to make sure everything runs smoothly. Fixing her need to potty is quite simple though. You have a skill that always lets you handle your needs no matter where you are, basically she goes behind a bush in the woods and does her business. You can also speed run it by picking another skill where her sprite just squats and does it right there without any h-scene (this is not only a faster way for her to relieve herself but has some important uses). Now the odd part is the fact that Enjoji has a weird aversion to toilets, which is very bizarre for a game that heavily focuses on bathroom needs. She absolutely refuses to use any squat toilet, and you can only use a squat toilet if Charlotte is in your party, as she lifts up Enjoji, and uh, you see her go in all her glory; legs fully spread. The other toilet aversion is Western styled toilets. She avoids these due to having everything perfect in her rich life and not wanting to sit upon a used toilet seat that hasn't been cleaned for her. That said though, there are scenes where she uses them, and some of them are only accessible in the beginning of the game before you head off on your adventure. There are scenes where she uses them during the actual game, but they prose a bit of a problem. Basically, Enjoji refuses to sit on them, so she stands on the seat and squats. She gets a bit too into the matters at hand and her aim isn't exactly the best, and uh, if you've ever seen the album cover Smelly Noise by Bum Sick, you can imagine that, and if you haven't been blessed with that knowledge, in layman's terms, she poops allover the bathroom and absolutely nukes it. Like, worst than a McDonald's bathroom that is also somehow a truck stop bathroom right after a joint laxative and hotdog eating contest. Besides for having to see such a thing, the problem is that well, janitors don't seem to exist here, the toilets never get fixed, its one and done. So if you ever, not sure why you would, but if you did want to rewatch these scenes, in the context of her trashing an actual bathroom, you'll have to make multiple save files. There is a scene replay that you can unlock, but it will no longer have the context of her using an actual specific bathroom. There really is so much to cover in this game as its packed with an insane amount of content, but for now, let's go back to the hunger needs, specifically how to get food and hunt. Enjoji starts off very weak and basically can only hunt bugs in the beginning, even simple chickens will kick her butt. You might think that it would be grueling to get enough experience to take on all of the enemies that this game has to offer (which includes humans, bears, and a boss fight), but its actually not because of how this game's EXP system works. Basically, literally every action earns you experience points. Eating? Points. Picking a weed? Points. Stepping on a bug (not even fighting it, just walking over it)? Points. So basically just having fun with the survival, doing what you need to stay alive, and exploring the map a bit will get you stronger, then you can start attacking larger animals for meat, even more EXP, and begin exploring the dangerous areas more. Everything in this game is a forward motion, your actions at any given point help to prepare you for the next "stage" of the game, and its paced very well. You aren't off on your own here, helping you is both Charlotte and a dog creatively named, Dog. I personally only used the dog once, but I did have Charlotte with me a lot, especially in the second half of the game. Charlotte helps a lot in fighting but she does require food, water, and status management just like Enjoji. Charlotte basically makes the fights easier but the survival harder, so I didn't use her until I had things built up better so that it would be easier to manage. To get Charlotte to help you, you will need to do a short quest. This is always something easy to gather, such as fertilizer for the farm, and all Enjoji has to do is pop a squat in a plastic bag. Charlotte can also make you food or even give you some money, but anything involving her will require a short quest. Additionally, some h-scenes and parts of the map are only accessible with her in your party, but then she will also prevent some scenes from happening, so you'll be experimenting quite a bit with her presence or lack thereof.Now lets go into the actual combat, fighting is used to defend yourself from enemies who attack (like bears and deranged naked men), and also to hunt less threatening animals like chickens and pigs. Fighting in this is simple but effective and fun. Both Enjoji and Charlotte can wield up to two weapons at once. Some of these weapons can be upgraded, but there are even stronger weapons that can be purchased/found. There is armor too but I typically found that the starter armor was the best. A lot of your stats are just from your weapons and your character level, and less so from armor. Both of the girls have three skills: double strike, triple strike, and an ultimate move. The ultimate move can only be used when that character's stress level is at max, and its incredibly powerful. The strike style moves can be used as much as you want but they take up your thirst, your thirst meter also being your MP. You can replenish between battles by drinking water, and can recharge while in combat by glugging down sports drinks. You can also heal with stuff like eggs and onigiri. These items also don't effect your bladder or poop chute. Normal food will actually heal you as well, but cannot be consumed in battle.The fighting here is simple but is honestly quite fun and it worked really well here. Fights are typically not too long, which is a good thing as a lot of the fighting is hunting for meat. All animals give meat, but some of it isn't exactly usable (will give you a stomach ache), which leads me to the next point, status ailments. There are status ailments in this game and they are very easy to get. If a character is dirty from soiling themself, semen, or even just a lot of sweat, they'll begin to drop HP at a steady rate. Food heals you and this drop can be fixed by just bathing (which always results in Enjoji farting in the tub then drinking the water, in that order). You can also get a stomach ache, this is from drinking unclean water, eating raw meat, and eating non-food items such as bugs and weeds. This status condition just makes you have to poop more often.The other focus here is money, you do have to buy a very expensive ticket to get home, and also numerous supplies. You can earn money in a lot of different ways here, and its also why I describe this game as the Grand Theft Auto of eroge. The standard way of earning money in this game is collecting garbage. You can sift through trash cans, tear open trash bags, and scan the ground for various kinds of garbage and recyclables. There are two recycling plants in the game and you can sell off this garbage for money, as they say, one poopy girl's trash is some dude's treasure; well, maybe they word it a bit differently. While picking up trash is easy, and you can easily just collect as you go around the map, its not the best way to make money. The safest other way to make money is to pick up a part-time job, which yes you can do, and yes its actual work that you actually do and isn't a sex scene. Despite it being the country side, there is a small city, and within it, a convenience store. Working here is quite simple, customers always buy two items at once and you just add the costs. You don't make much money doing this, just 100 yen a customer, but it is a very cool feature. Also as a bonus, your stats freeze in this, so you can go as long as you want. The other ways though, that's when this gets a lot more wild, especially for a porn game. You can commit crime.One of the best ways to earn money in this is actually home invasion. You can see within buildings before entering which lets you scope out where the money is, and more importantly, where the residents are. You then sneak in through a door and rifle through their belongings for money and valuables that you can sell off. If you rob houses during the day you risk being caught (no penalty to my knowledge), but at night, you can go as freely as you want from house to house like The Grinch. Also, the people seem to be impossible to wake up, I even made her "leave a gift" right on a sleeping dude's chest, and he didn't wake up.Now, if you thought home invasion was wild, well get this, you can also commit murder. You can literally kill NPCs in this and take their wallets. This is only limited to aggressive NPCs though, which mostly come out at night. But, if you commit any crimes you become wanted by the police, and when the cops try to arrest you you can literally murder them and steal their guns then shoot other cops with the gun. This was just so insane to do in an eroge, robbing homes and killing cops, stealing their guns, then killing more people by shooting them, then going and blowing diarrhea allover a public toilet after eating bugs, all in just a span of one minute; this is insane. Sadly though, the guns are a one use item, its insanely powerful, but you will need to kill a lot of cops to stock up on more. Its also important to not let a cop actually arrest you as you'll lose literally all of your money.You can also make money through sex work, yep, you can do that as well. Sex work is a bit hidden, but it can be a good way to make some money. You can get a pimp and work at night at a secret brothel as a prostitute (who gets money shoved up their butt then pees and poops in a bowl). You can also work in some very bizarre sex club where she defecates on a stage while men masturbate like she's The Gerogerigegege. Funnily though, she only gets paid like 1000 yen (about $10 rounded up) for this work, which is quite sad, but its just how this game works.Now, how dangerous is the world in this game? I would say, very dangerous. If you go anywhere that has civilization at night you will be chased down by psychotic naked men and weird creepy women. The wilderness is full of wild boars and bears, some of which are insanely large, that will attack you on sight. The city is always full of cops who will chase you down if you're wanted, which you likely always will be. The cops and people were mostly easy to avoid, but the wilderness is by far the hardest area of the game. The wilderness is absolutely packed with enemies that are all gunning it for you. Thankfully though the escape battle success rate is incredibly high, and the enemy vanishes from existence if you escape the battle. There are no random encounters in this game, you can always see the enemies on the field before battle. Some bugs may seem random as they can be hard to see, but you can only fight bugs if you equip a certain item, so as long as that's not equipped they aren't a problem.As for the game's difficulty, its up there, but its also not actually hard at the same time. Basically, patience is key for when it comes to fighting enemies. Chickens at the beginning might as well be an armored tank, but after you level up a but, you can handle bullets and kill literal bears. Basically, once you're ready to fight, you can handle a lot of what the game has to offer, except for the hardest of enemies (like the very large bears). The hardest enemy in the game is a boss fight against a gang of nudists who fire their, uh, baby gravy at you and heal by buffing something that rhymes with brick and isn't a stat. The boss fight was actually surprisingly well put together for a simple RPG like this, it was quite fun. Also, the boss fight is completely optional, but I really suggest taking it on. As for stats, they're a bit difficult to manage early on, but if you've ever played The Sims you're honestly already prepared for that. Making money is quite easy.Now its finally time, let us go into the nitty gritty here. Also, if you're eating, maybe put down that chocolate ice cream and lets get to work. This game has an absolutely phenomenal amount of h-scenes, I mean seriously, this game is STACKED. There are h-scenes around every corner, multiple ones for both girls (more for Enjoji though), ones for them together, and even some for these miko side-characters. Seriously, the amount of h-scenes here is unprecedented. Now though, remember when I said this game is psycho? That really peaks here with the h-scenes. You will constantly see Enjoji and Charlotte defecating and urinating in extremely erotic poses. Not only do they defecate and you see that in all its "glory", the defecation gets insanely absurd, actually, every scene in this game is pure insanity. Just Enjoji alone will defecate in Charlotte's vagina as a "prank". Or having a loach, yes a loach of all things, rape, yes, a loach raping a grown woman, by rocketing itself into her butt, then her forcing it out with explosive diarrhea. She will also birth vegetables, poop in a bag, take a fat dump then smash it with a rock then pee on the mess, give herself an enema with a gardening hose, have sex with pigs, play a recorder with her ladybits, and a million other outrageous scenes. This game literally always has you guessing, all you know is that she's going to pee, poop, or fart, and everything else is as random as a random nonsense generator that some crazy scientist built then it malfunctioned and stopped even giving coherent thoughts and just screamed scat porn dialogue while spitting out expired coupons for Chili's. Charlotte is honestly not much better off. Charlotte is obsessed with Enjoji as a secret love and constantly fantasizes about her and Enjoji being intimate, or also being forced to soil her clothes. Charlotte is honestly quite an odd ball considering she has sex with a bicycle, several trees, and literally eats entire books on the daily. That said though, this game does also have a lot of more, uh, reasonable h-scenes. There is honestly quite a decent amount of completely, or mostly, normal h-scenes in here, especially for it being primarily a scatolo and omorashi game. These scenes tend to be typical sex stuff, but they will often end on a brown note, if you get what I mean. There are also a few scenes where just pee is involved, or no excretions at all, but typically you still get


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