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Torque V1.4.90 __FULL__

The accuracies of the sensor and the indicator must be added together. Models 7i and 5i indicators have accuracy values of 0.1% FS, while the Model 3i is rated at 0.2% FS. Using the example of a Series R50 torque sensor with Model 3i indicator, add 0.35% to 0.2%, which equals 0.55%. In a specific example for the Model MR50-12, the accuracy becomes 0.55% x 135 Ncm = 0.7425 Ncm.

Torque v1.4.90

Rundown fixtures contain an internal spring which dampens the rate of increase in torque when a power tool is used, thereby contributing to a more accurate torque measurement. Two fixtures are offered, with different internal spring rates, to address a wide range of applications. Select the AC1066-1 to simulate a soft joint with gradual torque buildup, or AC1066-2 to simulate a hard joint with faster torque buildup. Either fixture is suitable for the full range of torque up to 100 lbFin (11.5 Nm).

This is the instant that the observer sees the meteor.To find the torque, we take the time derivative of the angular momentum. Taking the time derivative of [latex] \overset\to l [/latex] as a function of time, which is the second equation immediately above, we have[latex] \fracd\overset\to ldt=-15.0\,\textkg(2.50\,\,10^4\,\textm)(2.0\,\textm\text/\texts^2)\hatk. [/latex]Then, since [latex] \fracd\overset\to ldt=\sum \overset\to \tau [/latex], we have

Since the meteor is accelerating downward toward Earth, its radius and velocity vector are changing. Therefore, since [latex] \overset\to l=\overset\to r\,\,\overset\to p [/latex], the angular momentum is changing as a function of time. The torque on the meteor about the origin, however, is constant, because the lever arm [latex] \overset\to r_\perp [/latex] and the force on the meteor are constants. This example is important in that it illustrates that the angular momentum depends on the choice of origin about which it is calculated. The methods used in this example are also important in developing angular momentum for a system of particles and for a rigid body.

Write down the position and momentum vectors for the three particles. Calculate the individual angular momenta and add them as vectors to find the total angular momentum. Then do the same for the torques.

This example illustrates the superposition principle for angular momentum and torque of a system of particles. Care must be taken when evaluating the radius vectors [latex] \overset\to r_i [/latex] of the particles to calculate the angular momenta, and the lever arms, [latex] \overset\to r_i\perp [/latex] to calculate the torques, as they are completely different quantities.

A robot arm on a Mars rover like Curiosity shown in (Figure) is 1.0 m long and has forceps at the free end to pick up rocks. The mass of the arm is 2.0 kg and the mass of the forceps is 1.0 kg. See (Figure). The robot arm and forceps move from rest to [latex] \omega =0.1\pi \,\textrad\text/\texts [/latex] in 0.1 s. It rotates down and picks up a Mars rock that has mass 1.5 kg. The axis of rotation is the point where the robot arm connects to the rover. (a) What is the angular momentum of the robot arm by itself about the axis of rotation after 0.1 s when the arm has stopped accelerating? (b) What is the angular momentum of the robot arm when it has the Mars rock in its forceps and is rotating upwards? (c) When the arm does not have a rock in the forceps, what is the torque about the point where the arm connects to the rover when it is accelerating from rest to its final angular velocity?

Parts from the third generation are still found on the -J, but its redesigned exterior panels bring the Ninja's appearance out of the 1990s and into line with late-2000s sportbikes. The engine and drivetrain retain 30% of the -F model's parts, according to Kawasaki.[citation needed] The engine's compression and maximum torque have been lowered to provide better midrange performance. The redesign of the engine resulted in improvements in engine response at low engine speeds, making the bike smoother and "much easier to ride."[10]


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