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Aloo Chaat Movie Mp3 Song Free Download !!TOP!!

Confusion abounds at the court as two women show up claiming to be Nikki's mother, objecting to the marriage. Chhadami, who has been able to free himself, rushes to the court to warn Purushottam of Nikhil's scheme. A smiling Purushottam is seen coming out of the court having wedded Nikhil and Aamna. He explains he had gotten wind of Nikhil's plan after seeing the cricketer's picture and was able to connect the dots. He then cooked up his own scheme to get Nikhil and Aamna married. The family welcomes Aamna with open arms and they all head to a food-stall near their house to have their regular snack: aloo chaat.

aloo chaat movie mp3 song free download

The Hindi Song you are about to download is Aloo Chaat sung by Smooth and Nindy Kaur taken from the film Aloo Chaat . You can download Aloo Chaat for free here from pagalworld in 128kbps mp3 and 320kbps hd quality released in 2009 350c69d7ab


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