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Witcher 3 Complete Quest Command FREE\\\\

Looking for a complete list of Bannerlord cheats? Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord features a whole suite of cheats and console commands that allow you to control your game in greater depth. This can mean anything from making the game slightly easier for yourself, to enabling a testing ground for your very own mods.

Witcher 3 Complete Quest Command FREE\\\\

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On this page, we'll cover how to enable cheats and console commands in Bannerlord, along with an up-to-date list of every cheat and command you can use. Just bear in mind that in the name of fairness, these cheats only work in single player; but beyond that restriction, feel free to fill your boots with everything from free gold to infinite items!

If you want to learn how to play Bannerlord without using cheats, we have plenty more guides to help you get to grips with the game, including Bannerlord tips and tricks for beginners who are just starting out. If you're looking for some slightly more advanced advice, have a look at our pages on how sieges work in Bannerlord and how to complete quests in Bannerlord.

This is a hint: you can pick up his flesh -- and feeding Morkvarg his own flesh will actually kill him. If you don't want to bother with the quest, this will end it fast and net you 85 coins (the same reward Josta would give you). But let's assume you want to actually complete it -- and there is a second reward in it for you -- so finish him off and loot his body. Note that you can repeat this kill to get more werewolf mutagens and meat. Just meditate until the wolf reappears.

You can talk and hand over any books at any time to Ivar, though naturally as he's out of the way it's best to do it in one trip if possible. Bug: sometimes if you hand over all 5 books at once, the quest won't complete. If you run into this, try to hand over one at a time.

While the quest may be complete, you can bump into him later just east of where Odrin can be found in the Silverton district of Novigrad. He'll explain he hasn't given up on being with Irma but decided to seek out more culture in Novigrad to learn more, but as he needs to also earn money he's looking to sign on with a ship.

Now, return to the floodgate mechanism found before the cave. One lever selects a gate and the other opens or closes it. Neither is strictly necessary to go though before the quest can be completed, but one unlocks more options, as well as treasures to loot.

There are a couple of ultimatums Geralt will need to make in order to secure what he needs to free Morkvarg. Namely, these both pertain to whether or not to fight Einar. In order to navigate this part of the quest successfully, refrain from splitting the ruffian's skull.

Take part in the assassination of King Radovid. The player needs to complete these quests before leaving for the Isle of Mists - "An Eye for an Eye", "Redania's Most Wanted", "A Matter of Life and Death", "Now or Never", "A Deadly Plot", and "Blindingly Obvious". The player must also choose the first dialogue option each time Geralt speaks when talking to Dijkstra and Philippa in "Blindingly Oblivious" to win this achievement.

Geralt needs to make sure that he sends Keira to Kaer Morhen, he needs to complete "An Eye for an Eye" to bring Vernon Roche and Ves, he needs to ask Zoltan Chivay for help after meeting him in the Rosemary & Thyme inn, he needs to complete "Now or Never" and help the mages escape Novigrad to win Triss, the ruler of Skellige will pledge their help upon finishing their quests, and the player needs to find Ermion in Gedyneith in Ard Skellig to ask for his help.

Unite the two warring vineyards and have a wine named after Geralt. The player needs to start "Wine Wars: Belgaard" (started at the Cockatrice Inn notice board). Geralt will be given two quests ("Wine Wars: Coronata" and "Wine Wars: Vermentino"). Start Vermentino and reach the point where Geralt kills the Archespores and reads the letter. Then, \sStart Coronata and keep going until Geralt reads a letter. This starts a quest called "Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina" which should be completed instead of the other two. Once this is finished, speak to the original quest givers to receive "Wine Wars: Consorting". Once this quest is finished, speak to the original quest givers to receive "Wine Wars: Belgraad".

Players need to be awarded the Vitis Vinifera medal, which can be obtained by completing one of the final quests, "Pump and Strange Circumstance," in Blood & Wine. Players can complete this quest by killing Dettlaff and preventing Syanna from dying.

Each day in NBA 2K23 you'll be able to collect a Daily Reward from your Affiliation's statue in the City. This is random, and sometimes includes XP boosts or clothing discounts. However, occasionally you'll also be awarded VC, which is completely free.

This game is disgusting in how heavily monetised it is just to play the main career it was already had last year and this year they have doubled it up, without spending real money your character is complete trash until you spend money or grind for at least 100 hours just to be competitive, and it's been calculated to get your player to max level you would need to grind for approximately 200 hours.They need to make the my player career mode free to play.

The Witcher 3 Bloody Baron quest, Family Matters, is a big story and a pivotal part of the search for Ciri. It involves meeting Phillip Strenger, aka the Bloody Baron, who runs Velen for the Nilfgaard. It's a long The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab) moment with a lot of branches, and lots of different ways you can affect its multiple edgings. A walkthrough is going to be useful here given the numerous ways you can change things, especially if you want the best outcome. So here's how to complete The Witcher 3 Bloody Baron Family Matters quest in the best way possible. More or less.

Fallout: New Vegas side questBeyond the BeefTed Gunderson being kept inside the freezerLocationUltra-LuxeGiven byMortimer or Heck GundersonRewards100 or 500 XP250 or 500 caps and the Strip fameWhite Glove Society fameTechnicalEditor IDVMS18Form ID0010D2C6

Accept the quest from Walter but don't accept any of the Barter checks. Go back to the Ultra-Luxe and tell Mortimer that you want to help him (you may have to lie to him). Mortimer will give you a key that lets you enter the kitchen basement. A White Glove Society guard will ask what you are doing, inform him that Mortimer wishes to get rid of the kid. Open the freezer and talk to Ted. You have the option to talk a little or simply tell him that you are finishing what the White Gloves started, which will cause him to turn hostile. After killing Ted, collect a bit of blood and some remains from the corpse to frame his father.

When you talk to Marjorie about the disappearance of Ted, she tells you that an investigator was looking for clues about a missing bride who had stayed at the hotel, then she directs you to Mortimer. After inquiring Mortimer about the investigator, he gives you a key to the investigator's room. If you ask about the White Glove Society's reputation of cannibalism, you have the opportunity to lie with 62 Speech or use the Cannibal perk to tell him that you are also a cannibal. Mortimer will reveal his plan to you and request that you help him. If you agree to help without lying, you will not be able to obtain the note Matchbook from the dead investigator or meet with Chauncey. If you lie about helping, Mortimer will give you the Penthouse key, kitchen key, and freezer key.

After cooking the food or drugging the wine, wait until 7PM (when the dinner guests arrive,) then use the intercom to call the head waiter to come down and collect the wine/meal. If Marjorie did not sponsor you as a White Glove Society member earlier, disguise yourself in White Glove attire before the head waiter arrives, or stay hidden so that he does not become hostile. (For whatever reason, sometimes the waiter stops in front of the kitchen door when told to pick up the wine; to fix this, just close the door, and he'll retrieve the second bottle in the wine cellar.) It's also advisable to free Ted after the head waiter has left, since seeing Ted will turn the waiter hostile. When you open the door, Ted will be very upset, demanding to know who did this to him. You have three options: say there's no time to explain, tell him the truth, or lie and say you don't know who did it. In order to gain White Glove Society fame when the quest ends, don't tell Ted (or his father) the truth, so choose "There's no time to explain" or lie to him.

To complete the quest peacefully, return with Ted to his father. If you didn't lie to Ted in the freezer, he will tell his father what happened and Heck will want to impose a blockade of food on the Strip. You have the option to not let this happen with a 35 Speech check, which will lead to Strip fame. If you are unable to pass the check, you will gain infamy. If you lied to Ted in the freezer (or said there wasn't time to explain), his father asks who was behind the kidnapping. If you tell the truth, you have to pass the same 35 Speech check, but this time you will only gain Strip fame. If you lie to him, you will gain both Strip fame and White Glove Society fame.

Note that if you do this, you can kill all of the White Gloves in the casino with no Karma loss and never have your weapons taken again. You can even go into the cashier's office and clean it out to get your possessions back, suffering only minor Karma loss for opening/stealing things. Then you will have all your weapons and can continue the quest uninterrupted, although you may want to disguise as a White Glove to prevent unwanted attacks. Just be sure not to kill Marjorie or Mortimer or the quest will fail. Even after all the killing, once you complete the quest you may still go from hated to idolized by the White Gloves.


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