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Bravo's Best Tips and Tricks for Fashion, Beauty, and Love

Feb. 3 1916, New York - Mar. 3 2006, Valparaiso, Chile. The case study, which was born as a daughter of a receptionist of the project team at Ms. Bravo, has become a tradition to celebrate the birthday of the innovative Giovanni Bravo.

bravo thats me 13 jahrige

Bravo is the full word spelled backwards. It is pronounced, roughly, "bruh-voh". It is a Latin word, by the way, and is part of the word bravura - the courage to act with confidence, boldness, etc. In the sense that the brothers chose for the new product name, it is about taking risks. "Risk" in the sense of "reason".

It was at that gallery that Bravo caught the eye of Toni Stern, a Hollywood casting agent. He had been visiting Chile to look for movie locations for the film Le coeur de l'amour, a French production to be filmed in Chile, when Toni Stern asked him to join his company. After a successful acting career in Hollywood, Stern hired Bravo as a personal assistant. This was the beginning of a long and successful career at Bravo, which has since expanded into television and design.

When Stern died of cancer in 2008, Bravo was given total control of the company. With a team of executive producers, Las Chicas Bravas became Bravo Studio. Bravo has created nearly a dozen original TV series which have become major cable hits in both Latin America and the U.S., including Austin & Abbey, Emotional Rescue, and Sommersby. Bravo Studios also produces Viver Sozinho, a drama series about a single, young woman who has to choose between family obligations and a new relationship. Bravo is also the exclusive global distributor of Netflix's Sex Education, a series based on a book by Laurie Penny.


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